Super Bowl commercials: best and worst of 2017

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 10:37am by dianejmoss
Super Bowl commercials: best and worst of 2017

Whether they were loaded with celebs or meant the political environment, here are the Super Bowl advertisements that made a splash this year

Super Bowl 51 provided a bounty of commercials some excellent, some not so excellent. Heres our rundown of the very best and worst of Sundays TELEVISION discussion:


You do not appear like youre from around here.

This politically charged industrial from Budweiser has actually been triggering rather a stir given that it debuted throughout the week. Anheuser-Busch, Budweisers owners, state the advertisement was not produced with political intent however the parallels in between todays politics and the message in the advertisement are definitely obvious.

This area informs the (fictionalised) story of Adolphus Busch, who leaves Germany for America in 1857 to follow his dreams and make something of himself as a master maker. In this filmic, sweeping business, Busch withstands a risky trip throughout the Atlantic, a fire onboard a paddle cleaner however the essential theme is the hostility and rancour he gets from the residents, who do not take kindly to the accented immigrant from an ocean away.

Budweiser makes a huge offer of this, revealing Busch being scrambled and harried upon arrival, and welcomed with sobs of: Youre not desired here! Return house! In spite of this, Busch gets to St Louis, fulfills Eberhard Anheuser, and the set go on to brew the beer so quintessentially American it really emblazoned its cans with America last summer season.

Of course, its simply coincidence that the area was launched simply after Donald Trumps take a trip restriction worked, however the timing definitely offers the advertisement an additional frisson. Its currently stired the ire of Sarah Palin and Breitbart, to name a few, for being pro-immigrant, as if that were something deeply iniquitous. The benefit line? When Nothing Stops Your Dreams. Its a fine, and thoughtful, advertisement.

84 Lumber

There was more debate in this advertisement from 84 Lumber. The initial area was declined by the network for being too questionable, so a diminished variation was aired on Sunday night. A Mexican mom and child, on their method to the United States, come throughout a border wall simply like the one to be constructed by Trump.

But that very first advertisement was considered too political so the wall was changed by a barbed-wire fence. Obviously we were dissatisfied, stated Amy Smiley, 84 Lumbers director of marketing, of Foxs choice. Eventually, its their network and their choice.


A stylish Easy Rider satire from Mercedes, all texture and tone. This area was directed by the Coen bros, and you can inform.

We sign up with a gang of cyclists in a divey bar, loaded with grimace and spittle, doing things cyclists in bars like to do, like playing swimming pool and head-butting each other. Steppenwolfs Born to Be Wild uses the jukey; much alcohol is intoxicated; everybodies having a great old time. Then the music stops, and unexpectedly the state of mind turns awful. Theres a vehicle outside, obstructing the bikes method. A Mercedes! Lets get the bastard who obstructed us in! The bicycle riders go outside to portion some justice just to discover the blocker-inner is, of all individuals, Peter Fonda , owning past in his $132k AMG GT Roadster. Still looking great, sighs among the female cyclists. And you understand exactly what: he actually is.

National Geographic

Geoffrey Rush plays Albert Einstein in National Geographics brand-new series Genius, which focuses each season on a various, um, genius. To commemorate NatGeos very first Super Bowl industrial, Rush plays Lady Gagas Bad Romance on the violin and its excellent.


The popular chain that cooks square hamburgers makes its hamburgers with fresh beef thats never ever frozen and do not you forget it. This advertisement, embeded in a commercial freezer and entitled Cold Storage, nicely encapsulates that concept: do not opt for frozen beef from the competitors (cunningly camouflaged as Other Guyz LLC). Really on-brand.


Last year, the NFL showcased its Super Bowl children idea, with a video based upon an intriguing peculiarity: cities that win a Super Bowl see an increase in births 9 months after their group wins. This year, the infant theme is back, and the lovable kids (all tabloid papers) are dressed like a series of legends of the NFL: Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, Vince Lombardi, Joe Namath, Bill Belichick, Marshawn Lynch and Von Miller the latter in glasses and a stetson.

The point of this, inning accordance with the NFLs tagline, is that Super Bowl legends influence Super Bowl infants due to the fact that football is household. Certainly, and technically, football is household and devastating head injury, however I expect that does not scan rather so well.

Avocados from Mexico

A great advertisement from those great individuals at Avocados from Mexico, based around the unclean trick that avocados have lots of excellent fat. How can we be a secret society if we cant keep all our tricks? asks the crumpled head of this a little shambolic private organisation, which has actually collected to talk about ways to increase security and stop different beans from being spilled.

I like this advertisement. Its amusing, and well acted, and its concept is clear, and theres a great gag about Deflategate. Plus, I like the recommendation to the Stonecutters episode of The Simpsons. Who delights in avo-ca-do? We do and so on.


T-Mobile likes to obtain its claws into a celebrity. Ins 2015 Super Bowl advertisement starred Drake; the year prior to, Kim Kardashian. And this year its no various: Justin Bieber is T-Mobiles male, along with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and previous NFL star Terrell Owens, attempting to make the link in between the unrestricted relocations of goal events and the limitless information offered by a telecoms leviathan.

Theres lots to delight in here: Gronk as a caveman, TO taking it to the next level, Biebs, in glasses and a tux, acting the giddy goat. Its maybe a somewhat rare principle, however its managed with fantastic flair, and its lovely. Go Biebs.

Michelob Ultra

Definitely a competitor for many annoying advertisement of the night. Of all, I do not believe the excellent individuals at Michelob must be taking Where Everybody Knows Your Name, the style tune from Cheers, in vain. Its not yours to proper, Michelob! Second, the link in between deeply average beer and appealing individuals self-absorbedly exercising is thin, to state the least. All that shrieking and whooping in the name of self-improvement truly grates! Begin, now: youre doing push-ups in a fitness center, youre not Nelson Mandela.

Brewed for those who go above and beyond, checks out the tagline. Pish.


Did Steve Carell actually have a little moustache in high school? It appears so! This is an entertaining advertisement, amusing and innovative, however completely ruined by a mawkish benefit line that makes Honda seem like theyre a band of global socialists instead of a cars and truck business.

The conceit is cool: 9 stars Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliott, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis emerge from their deeply awkward high school yearbook pictures and provide a little homily about following your dreams and never ever quiting. Kimmel and Carell, particularly, are amusing, particularly Carells Michael Scott-esque retort of: That was a rhetorical concern, Darryl.

And I totally accept the advertisements concept. Its a worthy belief! Do not be postponed. Be the very best you can be. Do not pay attention to the haters. Then Honda occurs and states: We felt this advertisement fits truly well into who Honda is, as far as chasing your dreams no matter what individuals inform you keep attempting, keep innovating and keep going.

Hm. Honda is chasing your dreams no matter what individuals inform you? I believed it was offering automobiles. Demonstrates how much I understand!

Bud Light

The return of Bud Light late-1980s mascot Spuds MacKenzie, who made his launching throughout Super Bowl XXI in 1987. In this advertisement, the ghostly figure of Spuds appears to give guidance to a male who truly requires his assistance since hes chose to stay at home like a plum rather of going to enjoy the video game with his buddies.

According to Bud Light, Spuds MacKenzies affinity for living life to the max with good friends, both brand-new and old, embodied the spirit of Bud Light that we still honor today. The spirit of Bud Light! Wonderful.

Mr Clean

You got ta like a male who cleans up, have not you! I want to scrub the toilet bowl so tidy that I might consume my supper off it. (In it?) This is an amusing advertisement, where we see a female imagining getting heavy and hot with the animation Mr Clean and, erm, a mop. Plus, in those white denims of his, Mr Cleans butt looks tight and remarkably high.


My buddy Adam is a fan of Jason Stathams motion pictures, so hell love, love, enjoy this action-thriller satire for the Israeli tech business Wix. Wix develops sites, so because sense the thrillingly immediate Statham is a somewhat incongruous pitchman, however its definitely a watchable advertisement. Gal Gadot is on hand to kick some butt, too, and there are lots of shots of J Statham brooding in a turtleneck, which is something we can all support.


Cam Newtons Panthers aren’t included this year, however he remains in this fairly entertaining advertisement for Buick. Its a variation on that old Well, if hes a so-and-so, then Im a Dutchman! line. In this case: if that stunning, streamlined car in the car park is a Buick, then my kid is Cam Newton on the football field. Then the genuine Cam Newton is available in to the video game, which is good, since its constantly enjoyable to see eight-year-old kids getting tossed to the flooring by a 6ft 5in, 245lb NFL quarterback. Keep an eye out for Miranda Kerrs unjustified look at the end.


I question just how much loan Squarespace, which offers domain, paid John Malkovich for appearing in this amusingly sweary advertisement. Loads, most likely. Anyhow, Malkovich is at his fulminating best after discovering that some confidential web dweeb has actually taken the URL Hilarity occurs, however the amusing thing is, the website exists its being utilized by the genuine John Malkovich to offer his brand-new clothes line, of all things. All extremely meta.

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